Remembering regularly developing necessities of our regarded customers, we are creating and giving the top mark quality of C.I. (Cast Iron) Patta Pulley. Our C.I Patta Pulleys are utilized in diffusion classification that are determined by level belts, normally rapid, low-control applications in materials, paper making, and office apparatus, for example, PC, printers etc. Our Cast Iron Patta Pulley have a formed peak, which focuses the belt, avert scouring against the outside spines, and offer help under the focal point of the belt, where there is the most pressure.

Most importantly C.I. Patta Pulley Manufacturer, with an intention to fulfill our all consumers regarding requisites of our cast iron patta pulley, we are occupied with giving a wide scope of the offered products.


  • Non destructive
  • Great solidity
  • idyllic quality
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