We have risen exponentially to be viewed as one of the prominent V Groove Pulley Manufacturer of V pulleys. It is appropriate to be utilized for exchanging power starting with one shaft and then onto the next with the utilization of a belt; this pulley is conveyed at the customers’ end after a few quality reviews. This pulley consists of a wheel, a lined edge, and shaft grooves that are utilized for conveying a rope or affix to lift huge weighted substances; subsequently, it is connected to a crane and other load-lifting vehicles. A wide scope of these pulleys is accessible to us in various models, like the light, medium, and substantial ranges, for different applications. Our customers can profit from these pulleys from at a moderate value.


  • Safe in changing weather
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Consumption safe completion
v groove pulley manufacturer

Single Groove V Belt Pulley

Along with the V Groove Pulley, also we conducted to manufacture the brilliant series of single groove V Belt Pulley in India.  These V-belt pulleys have a single groove that accepts a compatible single V-belt to provide maximum friction and torque in a compatible V-belt drive system. When matching a belt to a pulley, make sure the series and width of the belt are compatible with the pulley. Our single groove v belt pulley is easily available in the market at customer affordable price range.


V Groove Pulley Manufacturer |

Single Groove V Belt Pulley in India |

C.I. Single Groove V Belt Pulley Manufacturer |

Single Groove V Belt Pulley Manufacturer |

C.I. Single Groove V Belt Pulley in India

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