Our Company is offering a broad range of flexible gear coupling. Recognize for their motorized plasticity. Flexible Gear Couplings are applicable at commerce leading prices. In addition, these couplings can automatically hold out reparation for the misalignment of associated shafts. We pledge our customers that flexible gear coupling executed the entire international bounds of quality control. Flexible gear coupling product is supremely applied for “floating shaft” purposes.

Flexible Gear Coupling

Features of Flexible Gear Coupling:-

  • Inter variableness
  • Enhanced lubrication structure
  • Huge Torque Rankings
  • Capability of broad tedious
  • fastening intend are recovered

Advantages of Flexible Gear Coupling:-

  • Very high concentration & low crowd moment of inertia
  • High torsional rigidity
  • Alignment of shaft, gear situation and grease stage
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